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WATCH: Ramaphosa considers public holiday if Springboks win Rugby World Cup

The Springboks are now just two games away from lifting the Web Ellis trophy and bringing it back home.

Are you game for a public holiday? Well, continue supporting the Springboks’ bid to win the 2023 Rugby World Cup and South Africa might just have a rest day to celebrate the milestone.

This is according to President Cyril Ramaphosa after the Boks’ exhilarating and nail-biting win over the host nation France in Paris on Sunday.

Watch President Cyril Ramaphosa considering public holiday if the Springboks win the Rugby World Cup


South Africans were kept on the edge of their seats after the Springboks won a match that has been described as among the most exciting and best of the tournament so far.

The Springboks are now just two games away from lifting the Web Ellis Trophy and bringing it back home with South Africans united behind the team to do just that.

With many South African pleading with Ramaphosa to give them the day off to celebrate, the president extended a gesture to citizens of the country during the keynote address for the South Africa Green Hydrogen Summit (SAGHS).

β€œI am sorry that I am unable to be there in person, it isn’t as much to do with your summit competing with the Springboks victory last night. I am where I am, and I am sorry about that.”

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Public holiday

Ramaphosa said: β€œSouth Africans are revelling in this incredible success that our boys have achieved in Paris. Many of them felt that we should declare today as a public holiday, and I declined, and I said that we will only consider that when we win the final – at which I will personally be present.” Ramaphosa said.

Boks face England in their semifinal on Saturday a day after bitter rivals the All Blacks would have played against Argentina.

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