Floods: CoJ to relocate families situated alongside river banks

The extreme weather conditions damaged infrastructure, roads, and houses.

The City of Johannesburg said they have long-term plans in place to relocate families who are situated close to river banks as they are most affected by flooding.

This in the wake of heavy downpours that led to severe flooding which displaced residents situated along river banks in parts of Soweto – mostly in Protea Glen, Kliptown and Lenasia.

Joburg floods

Relocation plans

CoJ Housing MMC Mlungisi Mabaso told Enca: “There have been long-term plans we have introduced, especially in these areas that are affected by floods, I mean in Kliptown the plan to relocate and move those that are situated on the flat line has been there for quiet some time.”

He said the department started the re-blocking a couple of months ago and the contractor was told to be on site this weekend to plan and relocate those affected into their new permanent plot of land.

“At Protea South, the plan has always been there, there was a site which was identified called Roodepoort Farm in Region G”, Mabaso said.

He added: “The consultants were appointed a long time ago; they are working on installing services into that particular portion of land, where we would be relocating those that are situated on the flat line”.

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Roads swept away

The extreme weather conditions damaged infrastructure, roads, and houses.

Vehicles were also submerged in water and several people were rescued after their vehicles were swept away by the heavy currents.

The South Africa Weather Service (Saws) warned heavy rain will persist throughout the weekend. Residents were urged to evacuate to safer accommodations.

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) has been assisting the City with rescue efforts of people who were swept away and trapped inside vehicles.

The institute also called for more boots on the ground to intensify the rescue efforts.

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