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SA vs Israel genocide case: Pandor to jet to ICJ for judgment delivery

The Peace Palace confirmed it will deliver a judgment on South Africa’s genocide case against Israel on Friday at 1pm (2pm SA time).

With just a day left before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivers its decision on South Africa’s case against Israel, International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor is expected to travel to The Hague for the judgment in the matter.

The Peace Palace yesterday confirmed it will deliver a judgment on South Africa’s genocide case against Israel on Friday at 1pm (2pm SA time).

South Africa approached the World Court seeking several orders, including for Israel to “immediately suspend” its Gaza offensive; to stop forced displacement; to enable humanitarian access to thousands of displaced Palestinians; and to preserve evidence.

Pandor will attend the ruling on Friday, where the 17-judge panel will announce its response to South Africa’s requests for an interim measure in its historic genocide case.

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During its oral arguments at The Hague, Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh KC who was part of South Africa’s legal told the court of the consequences if it did not grant the provisional measures South Africa sought.

Israel continues to deny that it is responsible for the humanitarian crisis it has created, even as Gaza starves. The aid it has belatedly begun to allow in is wholly inadequate, and does not come anywhere close to the average 500 trucks being permitted daily before October 2023.

“Any unilateral undertakings Israel might seek to give about future aid would not remove the risk of irreparable prejudice, not least considering Israel’s past and current conduct towards the Palestinian people, including the 16 years of brutal siege on Gaza,” Ní Ghrálaigh argued.

Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi argued Israel’s attack on Gaza extended beyond the fight against Hamas but is “embedded in the fabric of Palestinian life in Gaza”.

Ngcukaitobi argued the most challenging element of a genocide charge against Israel was evidencing the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a specific people.

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Claims baseless

Israel claimed South Africa had tailored “its story to a pre-existing narrative” and the allegation of intent to commit genocide was baseless.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed not to let the genocide case stand in the way of continuing his country’s war in Gaza.

“No one will stop us – not The Hague, not the Axis of Evil, and no one else. It is possible and necessary to continue until victory and we will do it,” he said in a speech.

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