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By Cornelia Le Roux

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Sassa grant update: How much, when and where to collect in July

Everything you need to know about Sassa social grant payments for July 2023. Take a look at the latest update.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes permanent social grants to more than 18 million people in the country every month. The agency has confirmed the payment dates for various social grants for the month of July.

According to Sassa, all grant payments – besides the R350 Covid-19 social relief of distress (SRD) grant – can still be collected from South African Post Office (Sapo) branches. 

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Sassa grant payment dates for July

  • Older Persons Grant – Tuesday, 4 July
  • Disability Grant – Wednesday, 5 July
  • Children’s Grant – Thursday, 6 July
  • All other Sassa grants, including the R350 grant, are paid out from Wednesday, 5 July

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Here’s how much Sassa grants will be for July

The most recent increase in Sassa grants was implemented in April this year, with the next increase set for October.

According to the Department of Social Development (DSD), there has been no increase in the R350 grant since its inception. This after the National Treasury rejected the department’s proposal for an increase, citing “fiscal constraints”.

  • Older Persons grant – R2 080
  • Older Persons (75 years and older) – R2 100
  • Disability grant – R2 080
  • War Veterans grant – R2 100
  • Child Support grant – R500
  • Child Support grant (Top-up) – R500 + R250
  • Care Dependency grant – R2 080
  • Foster Care grant – R1 120
  • Grant-In-Aid – R500

Sassa gold card update: What to know

Earlier this year, thousands of grant recipients struggled to have their Sassa gold cards renewed due to the closure of multiple post offices.

Social grant recipients can still use the expired Sassa/Postbank gold card can still use these cards until December 2023. Photo: Facebook

In a statement, Postbank spokesperson Dr Bongani Diako said social grant recipients can continue to use their expired cards until December 2023 at ATMs and merchant Point of Sale (Pos) withdrawals without the need to collect new cards or switch to other banks.

“Postbank is going to replace the cards before the end of December 2023 in line with the directive of the South African Reserve Bank,” Diako said.

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Cardless payment of Sassa grants

While grant recipients await to have their new cards issued, Diako said a new method of paying that does not require a physical card, has been introduced. Beneficiaries whose cards have expired, can receive their grants at Shoprite, Boxer, Usave, Pick n Pay and OK Foods.

“To use this new method, Sassa beneficiaries just need to bring their identity documents and their Sassa card pin code to any of the participating retailers,” Diako explained.

“At the till point, they will be asked to validate their identity and enter their cellphone number, and then enter their pin to receive their payment. The process is fast, free, and safe,” he added.

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Where to collect your grant

Sassa national spokesperson Moabi Pitsi has urged beneficiaries to rather make use of alternative ways to access their funds than through post office branches. These include the following:

  • Bank Account 

Permanent grant beneficiaries have the option of having their grants paid directly into their bank account. This is a convenient grant payment method as beneficiaries can access their money at any time after the payment was made by Sassa. 

  • Retail outlets

Sassa grants are paid to selected retailers around the country. Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer stores, Usave stores, OK and Checkers all distribute social grants.

  • Mobile cash pay points 

There are also mobile cash pay points where grant beneficiaries can collect their money. However, this is not a flexible payment option and beneficiaries may only collect their grant payment for a few hours during a grant payment cycle.

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