Here are the June Sassa payout dates

Recipients are urged to consider waiting a few days before collecting their grant money.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has confirmed the payment dates for various social grants for the month of June. Recipients are advised not to rush to collect their cash on the first day of payouts to avoid long queues and wait times.

Sassa has set the following dates for June grant payments:

June 2: Old Age Grants

June 5: Disability Grants

June 6: Child Grants

In an effort to streamline the payment process and reduce congestion at payment points, Sassa has explained that recipients have more than one option to access their funds. They can make use of any bank ATM by using their Sassa gold card or visit designated collection points such as Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, Boxer, and USave stores.

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To alleviate the inconvenience of waiting in long queues, Sassa also advised recipients to consider waiting a few days before collecting their grant money.

“This approach will save them valuable time and effort,” said the agency.

Over 18 million recipients in SA

According to the latest figures released by Sassa, the total number of grant recipients stood at 18 829.716 as of March 31, 2023. This figure shows a considerable increase compared to previous months.

Sassa confirmed that among the various social grants, the Child Support Grant had the highest number of recipients, with over 13 million grant receivers. The majority of these recipients are from KwaZulu-Natal, followed by Gauteng and Limpopo.

The second-largest group of recipients is those receiving the Old Age Grant, which saw more than 3.8 million recipients. KwaZulu-Natal also has the highest concentration of Old Age Grant recipients, followed by Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

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The Disability Grant, with over 1 million recipients, ranks third in terms of the number of social grant beneficiaries. KwaZulu-Natal leads in this category as well, followed by the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape.

Sassa explained that it was working towards improving the efficiency and accessibility of grant payments, and knows the importance of providing timely financial resources to all its recipients.

“Recipients are encouraged to stay informed about payment dates and utilise the available payment methods to ensure a smoother experience,” the agency said.