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Simz Ngema’s advice for becoming an influencer

With the influencer market projected to grow into a large $16 billion industry this year, Simz Ngema shares tips for aspirant creators.

Although many thought the influencer industry would eventually implode as most “bubbles” do, the market is actually projected to grow into an astonishing $16.4 billion industry this year. 

With such big numbers, there’s enough money to be made for everyone.

So does one become part of this industry and start reaping the rewards? 

South African singer, actress and Gold Series ambassador Simz Ngema recently shared her insights and advice for aspiring influencers. 

Simz says the journey of building an online profile and becoming a respected influencer on social media is not simple. 

Honest content creators on platforms like Instagram and TikTok will tell you the same. This is because it can be tough to find your authentic voice and motivate people to respond, encourage and support you.

In addition to how disheartened they become by the lack of feedback and engagement, many creators end up giving up on the journey due to the negativity they attract. 

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With over two million followers on Instagram alone, it is safe to say that Simz has succeeded in an area that many have failed.

Her huge following and consistent content creation have enabled her to secure significant partnerships with brands such as perfume brand Gold Series, hair care brand Native Child and Pampers (in a collaboration with her adorable son).

Simz has decided to share five tips for gaining influence in the world of social media for anyone who may want to follow in her footsteps.

How to become an influencer, according to Simz Ngema

Simz Ngema
South African singer, actress and Gold Series ambassador Simz Ngema recently shared her insights an advice for aspiring influencers | Picture: Supplied

1. Post often to grow your following. The more you’re showing people, the more likely that you’ll make an impact and create anticipation. 

2. Decide what kind of brand you want to be and what brands you would like to attract to do collaborations with. Think about how your own signature style works with certain brands and create a ‘wish’ list for future collaborations. 

3. Make sure that your profile is authentic and that represents who you are. It is very clear when someone is not being real on their platforms, and it’s certainly not something you can do forever. Start as you wish to continue and be yourself. Your followers will love you for it. 

4. Social media can be addictive so make sure that you take some time off from it. It’s easy to let your device creep into every facet of your life, so you’ll need to set boundaries for yourself early on to keep the balance healthy. 

5. Understand that whatever you put out on social media will be out there for the rest of your life, so protect yourself. It goes without saying that nothing should ever be posted from a place of anger, resentment, competitiveness, or jealousy. 

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All in all, Simz says that it comes down to whether you’re having fun. 

“The online world can be tough, but 90% of the time you should be enjoying yourself and growing from the process. There are lots of hoops to jump and many do’s and don’ts, so take it slow and listen to the feedback you get from your followers. If you’re not learning and growing, then it’s time to reassess.”

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Compiled by Kaunda Selisho

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