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Nhlawulo Chauke
2 minute read
11 Apr 2017
10:35 pm

Save SA campaign says Zuma is desperately playing the race card

Nhlawulo Chauke

The civic movement says it didn't see any racist posters at its marches.

Save SA members demonstrate outside the National Treasury while they await Pravin Gordhan, the now ex-minister of finance, to address them, 31 March 2017, Pretoria. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Save South Africa said President Jacob Zuma’s recent remarks targeting those who had marched against him indicated that he had at the very least seen the images and footage from the marches by tens of thousands of South Africans; Save SA hoped he would have noticed that by the vast majority of posters had one clear message and that was to tell him he must resign.

Save SA, in a statement, said they condemned those who allegedly (according to President Jacob Zuma) carried racially offensive posters during anti-Zuma marches on April 7.

According to Lawson Naidoo of Save SA, the campaign firmly supports the promotion of a nonracial and nonsexist society.

“Had we seen these, not only would we have removed them, but believe that the multitudes who marched with us under our national flag would not have tolerated these,” Naidoo said.

Naidoo added that they had observed in the recent period that the president had, out of desperation, been demonstrating an inclination to invoke the race card in a divisive manner.

“If he was genuinely offended, we challenge him to report his allegation to the Human Rights Commission or any other relevant body so that this can be investigated and dealt with appropriately,” he said.

Naidoo said that contrary to what Zuma claimed, there was a strong sense of nonracialism and solidarity evident in the make-up and conduct of the marches last Friday.

Naidoo added that a leader who claimed to be democratic should at the very least acknowledge the divisions his leadership was causing and, at best, do the honorable thing and resign.

The Save SA campaign also said they would be joining arms with opposition parties and march from Church Square to the Union Buildings regardless of them not sharing the same political views.

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