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Steven Tau
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3 Jul 2017
5:01 am

The battle is raging for the heart and soul of the ANC, says analyst

Steven Tau

Zuma refuses to change, so unity in the governing party remains a mirage.

ANC President Jacob Zuma (left) and his deputy Cyril Ramaphosa at the opening session of the ANC's 5th national policy conference at Nasrec, Johannesburg. Picture: Yeshiel Panchia

It would not be hyperbolic to say that the ongoing ANC policy conference held at Nasrec, Johannesburg, can be described as a gathering between the forces of destruction and those of goodwill, who are engaged in an epic battle for the heart and soul of the governing party, according to political analyst Elvis Masoga.

Party leaders and branch members started meeting on Friday with the hope that the ANC would emerge united despite tensions in the party.

Speaking to The Citizen yesterday, Masoga said it would be practically impossible to forge unity in the ANC at a time when there was such an epic battle being staged between such opposing forces.

He said in that kind of macropolitical scenario it was not feasible to get people to forge unity, especially when the forces of destruction were so hellbent on continuing with their destructive agenda.

“These forces of destruction are not showing any signs of repentance and, while listening to Zuma as the leader of the forces of destruction in his presidential address, he was so recalcitrant, unrepentant and unflinching in his insistence that he refuses to change.

“That was the message from Zuma: no matter what you say, I will not change and I will remain the Zuma that I’ve been.

“At the moment, one cannot talk about unity because there is no unity in the ANC and, for now, up to December, it is possible that unity will remain an elusive mirage that can never be practically realisable,” Masoga said.

He said while there were no signs of unity in the ANC, there were inspiring signs that suggested that the forces of goodwill were re-emerging and becoming more powerful.


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