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Bernice Maune
2 minute read
16 Sep 2017
9:23 am

We still need criminal prosecution of KPMG – Mbuyiseni Ndlozi

Bernice Maune

Shortly after former finance minister Pravin Gordhan slammed the audit firm, the EFF spokesperson said criminal prosecution was necessary.

FILE PICTURE: Mbuyiseni Ndlozi from the EFF. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi took to Twitter to express his concerns over KPMG seemingly getting away lightly with their role in aiding state capture by working with the Guptas for over a decade and penning a report for Sars over a fake rogue spy unit that implicated Gordhan as the mastermind behind it.

Ndlozi tweeted that: “Gupta corruption is unthinkable without involvement with white monopoly capital corruption: KPMG. We still need criminal prosecution of KPMG.”

KPMG admitted in a statement released on Friday that they had worked with the Guptas since 2002. A Sun City wedding hosted by the influential family allegedly saw funds siphoned from the Free State government with the assistance of KPMG to pay for the lavish extravaganza which lasted several days.

While the CEO, COO and several high level executives resigned from the company following the Gupta debacle and Sars scandal, Gordhan also weighed in on the matter and said it was not enough as the audit firm had potrayed ‘colonial arrogance.’

KPMG stated it would pay back R23 million to Sars or donate the cash to a charity of their choice and give R40 million, the value of the work done for the Guptas to non-profit organisations fighting off corruption in the country.

In response to Ndlozi’s tweet, some felt that mentioning ‘white monopoly capital’ a phrase popularised by the Guptas through a vigorous PR campaign, was irrelevant.

Victor Fredlund tweeted back: “It appears this really is not about black or white at all but about right and wrong people.”

More people expressed the same sentiment that corruption was not about race, especially in the instance of KPMG.

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