Bernice Maune
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18 Oct 2017
7:37 am

Soccer player allegedly punched, beat ex-girlfriend Pulane

Bernice Maune

The former couple had been dating for about two years with Lenkoe speaking out and detailing the alleged abuse on her social media page.

Royal Eagles soccer player Katlego Mphela and Pulane Lenkoe. Image: Instagram

While Lenkoe has not named the man who physically abused her, it is understood that it is Mphela whom she has appeared with at events and shared images of the two of them, with endearing captions.

Mphela played for the Royal Eagles, a first division club and prior to that was a striker for Kaizer Chiefs and Mamelodi Sundowns. He also played for the national team at one point.

Lenkoe, who works in construction as a manager and is a law student first made headlines after her nude pics were shared without her consent and circulated on social media in 2015.

Though she was able to stop the circulation of the images after the film and publications board intervened, declaring it unlawful for anyone to share the image, she started dating Mphela shortly thereafter.

On Tuesday, Lenkoe took to Instagram to detail how she had endured abuse at the hands of Mphela for months. She said he had begun to become abusive after attempting to stop her from attending a friend’s wedding. The verbal abuse continued with Mphela insulting Lenkoe and according to her, he started punching her after a lunch which was meant to show how apologetic he was for his behaviour.

“I told him this is it, we were done, as I was driving us back, was pissed off at myself, how could I be such a fool all these years thinking this man would ever change, was driving quite fast cause I desperately wanted to get home and get my belongings and leave him for good this time, then out of nowhere he started hitting me with fists on my face telling me I have no respect for him, he is busy trying to show me how much he appreciates me then I want to leave him, said ” who leaves the man who wants to make you a wife just cause he put his hands on you a few times, today I’ll show what a real beating looks like…”


Lenkoe further detailed how she stayed with Mphela believing he would change his ways after continuous promises that he would stop the alleged abuse.

In one incident, Lenkoe says Mphela beat her so badly that her clothes were full of blood and she had to tell friends she was in a car accident.

“Even after this incident, when I tried to leave him then he begged me to stay and said he was getting professional help, I wanted to believe him but in my heart I knew the relationship was far too gone to be saved, there was nothing left to be saved, every time he hit me, as much as I thought I needed him, I didn’t it was just fear of starting over without him, shame, and all of those negative thoughts occupying my head but the actual fact is he killed every love emotion I ever felt for him,” said Lenkoe.

Mphela is yet to comment on the allegations.

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