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12 Feb 2018
6:47 am

Anti-JZ ‘march’ slated

Rorisang Kgosana

Pressure grouping wants ‘to force the president to resign’ today.

Citizens are called upon to avoid work and school today as a group claiming to be of the ANC took to lambasting President Jacob Zuma yesterday.

The group said they planned a national shutdown today to demand the removal of the country’s president.

Disgruntled members of the ANC greater Tshwane region, greater East Rand region and the Sandton branch, and a small group affiliated to the South African Communist Party (SACP) have made a “strong call” to party leader Cyril Ramaphosa to “not be afraid” to request President Zuma to step down.

The country was urged to join the planned #ZumaMustGo march, which would start at Burgers Park in the Pretoria CBD and proceed to the Union Buildings, where the president would be asked to vacate his seat.

But the president should not be threatened or ashamed, and should lead by taking authority as “his time is done”, Hangwi Maumela, the national convenor of the #ZumaMustGo march and a member of the ANC Sandton branch, said.

“We are sick and tired of this comrade. We are in the forefront and we love our revolution. If it means we will be arrested, beaten or killed, we are ready. We will not leave the Union Buildings until he resigns. We are expecting about 100 buses [full of people] to join this march,” Maumela said.

According to a notice circulating on social media, the ANC has scheduled a special national executive committee (NEC) for today at Saint George Hotel in Irene, Centurion, but it was unclear if the agenda for the meeting was to discuss Zuma’s future.

“The NEC should not make a mistake and disappoint us… This man [Zuma] is like Mugabe in South Africa. Some of us have suffered under this democracy. Wherever Nelson Mandela is, he is upset with Zuma, the NEC and ANC for not exercising authority. Why is comrade Zuma treated like an angel? He has so many corruption charges against him,” Maumela said.

But the ANC greater Johannesburg region has distanced itself from the planned march, claiming they have no knowledge of the individuals behind the protest action.

“We call on any members who may have any information on these individuals to please contact the region in order for a disciplinary process to be instituted against them immediately,” said regional spokesperson Jolidee Matongo.

While ANC greater Tshwane region also distanced itself from the planned shutdown, the Gauteng SACP has criticised member of the #ZumaMustGo group, Elias Tsebe, for using the organisation’s name for a “personal programme”.

Provincial secretary Jacob Mamabolo called on SACP members to distance themselves from the “anarchic and chaotic” initiative.

“We further distance ourselves from the man who claims to hold a position in the SACP who took part in the press conference,” Mamabolo said.

– Rorisang Kgosana


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