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3 Jul 2018
1:14 pm

WATCH: Police vehicle used as delivery van to transport doors

Citizen Reporter

The police say they will respond at a later stage about the use of an official vehicle as a delivery van.

File image.

A video clip of a police van being used for personal reasons has emerged on social media.

According to the person who took the video, the police van originates from Marianhill SAPS in KwaZulu-Natal and is used to transport doors or door frames.

The person who took the video can be heard complaining about this, citing the usage of police vans for personal reasons as the reason for the lack of police presence.

“This is new, a police vehicle is being used for delivery and when you go to the police they tell you there is no van … but look, it is being used for delivery,” said the onlooker .

The person goes on to explain that the officers who are usually seen using the particular van are heavy drinkers. It was alleged the officers agreed with each other to make use of the police vehicle for personal reasons.

The Citizen sent an enquiry to the KZN SAPS, who acknowledged receiving it.

“[We] will respond when we got the response (sic). Thank you,” the response read.

Watch the video below:

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