Daniel Friedman
2 minute read
23 Jul 2018
3:12 pm

ANC are ‘sleepists’ who ‘kill each other’, says Malema

Daniel Friedman

The leader of the red berets says the EFF chose the township of Mdantsane as the venue for their birthday celebrations to highlight the many problems there.

Julius Malema. Picture: EFF/Twitter

EFF commander-in-chief had some choice words for the governing party at an address in the East London township of Mdantsane leading up to the party’s fifth birthday celebrations.

Reflecting on the party’s first five years, Malema said: “We have shaken things up, and we have even woken up the Parliament. We have given those sleepists something to do.”

Malema also slammed the party for not listening, saying they “shut you up when you tell them the truth”.

“But what do we expect? They kill each other in KZN,” he continued.

The leader of the red berets said his party chose Mdantsane as the venue for the EFF’s birthday celebrations to highlight problems with poverty and service delivery there.

“We decided to come celebrate in Mdantsane because we wanted to show the state and the condition of the community,” he said, mentioning he would take up the issues he saw there with Parliament.

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“I was at Unit P yesterday, and I met with an old disabled woman with a wound of a rubber bullet, shot by the police for protesting about the lack of service delivery,” Malema said.

“We will ensure all these problems and challenges are mentioned in Parliament so that they can be dealt with.”

“I am here to listen to the grievances of people so that when we return to Parliament I can report your issues,” he continued.

Malema also highlighted the disparity between East London and its informal communities, saying: “Sports grounds in the schools located in East London are better than community grounds in Mdantsane.”

Reflecting on his party’s first five years, Malema stressed that what people had seen from the party was just the beginning.

“Five years is too little, but we have managed to do so much that people believe we have been here for 50 years.

“Reasserting the party’s well-known view on the land issue, Malema said: “We want the land back to restore the dignity of our people.”

“What we voted for 24 years ago is not what we are getting. Our people continue to live in abject poverty,” he said.

The EFF will be celebrating its fifth birthday on July 28 at the Sisa Dukashe stadium in Mdantsane.

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