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23 Aug 2018
9:16 am

Comics mock racist in hilarious “Adam Catzavelos Challenge” videos

Citizen Reporter

The #AdamCatzavelosChallenge is trending on social media with South Africans posting satirical versions of Catzavelos' horrendous video.

Adam Catzavelos seen in a racist video he posted online, 20 August 2018. Picture: Twitter

The name Adam Catzavelos’ has set social media ablaze over the last couple of days with South Africans quick to slam the businessman, who used the K-word in a video, on Twitter.

Catzavelos’ video went viral after he filmed himself on a beach saying, “let me give you a weather forecast here: blue skies, beautiful day, amazing sea and not one k****r in sight”.

In the days since the video picked up steam, Catzavelos has been fired from his family’s business, banned from the premises of his children’s school, shunned by businesses and partners and had his personal details (address, ID and phone number) plastered all over social media.

Now Catzavelos has become an internet meme thanks to the hashtag #AdamCatzavelosChallenge on social media. Some of the country’s most well-known comedians have joined in the mockery, with the likes of Tats Nkonzo, David Kau, Rob Van Vuuren and Chris Forrest all posting videos satirising Catzavelos’s actions.

The #AdamCatzavelosChallenge is now trending on social media with dozens of South Africans uploading their own satirical versions of Catzavelos’s horrendous video. We can’t vouch for the quality of all of them, but searching for #AdamCatzavelosChallenge on Twitter is likely to reveal some pretty creative efforts.