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Ilse de Lange
2 minute read
2 Nov 2018
7:00 am

High court to decide if paedophile still a risk

Ilse de Lange

Meintjies was convicted on 13 counts of sodomising three young boys and taking nude pictures and showing pornographic material to several young children.

Justice in court. Picture: Twitter

The High Court in Pretoria will only decide next year if a paedophile who was jailed indefinitely 15 years ago for molesting young boys still poses a risk to society.

The court yesterday postponed the trial of Michiel Meintjies, 53, to January next year to allow a team of experts to assess him.

The prosecution indicated that Meintjies, who was currently writing exams, would be moved from the Leeukop prison to the Kgosi Mampuru II prison in Pretoria for the assessment.

Judge Ronnie Bosielo in 2003 sent Meintjies to jail indefinitely and ordered that he must be brought back to court after 10 years for further psychiatric evaluation and the reconsideration of his sentence.

He said at the time it was imperative to protect the community, and particularly young children, against Meintjies, who was described in medical reports as a dangerous psychopath and paedophile who posed a serious danger to society.

He told the court he had an irresistible sexual urge for young children and would most likely commit these crimes again if he was not imprisoned.

Meintjies admitted that he had taken nude photos of a number of children, including explicit photos of him and young boys engaged in sexual acts, but insisted he never indecently assaulted them. He claimed to have had romantic relationships with some of his young victims.

He had previously spent time in jail for sexually abusing boys, but again started targeting children after his release.

The court ruled in 2013 that he must remain in custody and be brought back to court after five years. Meintjies, who reportedly masturbated during an appearance in the magistrate’s court and flung semen at a prosecutor, twice appeared in the high court semi-naked and once had to be carried into court by police officers because he was so drugged he could not stand up.

During sentencing proceedings, he first tried to inject himself and later let loose a stream of expletives and started throwing things around.

He had to be manhandled to get him out of the court and shortly thereafter had to be bandaged when he cut himself with a razor blade.

There was no sign of his erratic behaviour during his brief appearance in court yesterday and he appeared calm.

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