Rorisang Kgosana
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6 Feb 2021
2:00 pm

Homeless crew work hard to prevent Centurion river flooding

Rorisang Kgosana

Residents of Centurion have a group of homeless men, working alongside a local NGO to clean waste from a river, to thank for the decreased flooding in the area despite the recent heavy rains

Johannes Dube looks out at an island of trash known as "Polly Island" in the hennops river. The Island of trash forces the water to flow around it causing flooding in the area during heavy rains, 3 February 2021, Centurion. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Despite two weeks of near constant rainfall in Gauteng, the notorious flooding spots in Centurion, Pretoria, have had no major incidents reported and it appears that residents have a group of homeless people in the area to thank for this. The Hennops River which starts in Kempton Park, usually see its 100km stretch heavily swamped with large quantities of plastic, polystyrene, sewage and heaps of foam. Organisations, individuals, and the City of Tshwane have had to regularly clean out the river, which used to see large quantities of waste being cleared on a weekly basis. The decaying waste turns into...