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A Jedi Knight training school just opened in the UK

Yes, really.

An online services site has put the call out for trainers for a recently launched Jedi Knight school.

According to a post on Bark.com, would-be padawans can register their interest to be trained by experts in the ways of the Force. The site is also looking for martial art experts well-versed in the Force to train applicants, who in turn will be expected to pay £150 (about R2 600) for one-to-one Jedi training sessions and £100 each for group sessions (around R1 690).

“You’ll be expected to cover four main subjects; physical conditioning, basic Jedi history, mental strength, and lightsaber combat,” the job description reads.

“It’s expected that one-on-one sessions will start at around £150 per person, with group training at £100 per person for up to six people, however, prices are subject to availability and as with all Bark.com services you can charge what you’d like!”

If you’ve managed to get this far through this news story without screaming out loud, believe it or not, Bark.com is not the only service in the UK to offer Jedi training. Yes, Cheltenham-based Ludosport has been offering lightsaber training since 2014 when it opened its doors.

When we pointed this out to Bark.com, a representative told us that “our service differs slightly as it’s nationwide and offers a full, comprehensive Jedi training experience, rather than just lightsaber combat training”.

Well, that’s us sold! Mind you, what does one expect from a country where Jedi Knight became an official religion back in 2001?

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