ANC responds to Zuma’s statement

The ANC spokesperson, Pule Mabe said the party believes Zuma will act in a manner that will move the organisation forward.

The ANC’s national spokesperson, Pule Mabe told members of the media at the party’s headquarters in Johannesburg that President Jacob Zuma had responded positively to the NEC’s decision.

“It was a positive message to hear President Jacob Zuma saying that he won’t defy his party, because he has led this party for years and years and he remains a leader that we all respect,”

Mabe was speaking following Zuma’s response earlier today on the NEC’s call for him to step down.

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Zuma has until the end of the day to issue a formal statement on whether he will heed the call by the NEC.

Mabe said it is clear where the ANC stands with regards to the recall as parliamentary processes to facilitate it has gone underway.

He said according to today’s parliamentary proceedings, a new president will be elected on Friday and the state of the nation address will be delivered on the same day.

The ANC spokesperson said it is only fair that Zuma is given the opportunity to issue a statement on his resignation to avoid speculation.

“We have always expressed full confidence in all our members to be disciplined and understand the discipline of the movement because that is consistent with the oath that all members have taken,” Mabe responded to a question whether the expected Zuma to obey the NEC.

He said instances or insinuations of violence stemming from Zuma’s recall are a concern.

“But I think what puts us in a position of comfort is the line that says he is not defying. It was himself who said when he saw scenes of people fighting outside Luthuli House and it worried him,” Mabe said.

He further said the decision to recall Zuma is non-negotiable and final and that only the party’s national working committee and the national conference could overturn the decision.

“We want to ensure that the execution of this decision is done in the most peaceful manner possible.”

In closing, he said the party believes Zuma will act in a manner that would move the organisation forward.


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