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ANC’s ‘MEC Wodumo’ quits on Facebook

'I didn't join the ANC for blue lights', the flamboyant politician said in her dramatic social media resignation.

Arts and culture MEC Onicca Moloi, nicknamed “MEC Wodumo” for her flamboyant style and colourful lifestyle, which has invited comparisons with Gqom star Babes Wodumo, took to Facebook to announce her resignation from her lucrative government job, Sunday World has reported.

“Dear Masana Bishops. Don’t worry, we will send our resignation letters and handover your so-called ‘blue lights’ by Friday to Make your job easy. We didn’t join the ANC for the blue lights! Yours, Onicca Moloi”, the politician posted on Facebook by way of a resignation.

The actions have been reported to have angered Moloi’s ANC superiors, who plan to take disciplinary action against her.

Moloi has alleged that her resignation is as a result of unreasonable demands on the part of her principals, including expecting her to attend late night meetings, attempting to control her Facebook page and trying to influence her political views.

However, Sunday World reports that others have alleged that her resignation is instead a result of her having been booed at the Limpopo ANC provincial conference last week. She was defeated in her bid to become deputy provincial secretary by Basikopo Makamu.

‘MEC Wodumo’ is also a keen chef. Picture: Instagram.

According to the publication’s source. Moloi was upset that Limpopo premier Stan Mathabatha had failed to protect her from the boos and jeers of the unruly crowd. Mathabatha was reelected unopposed as the ANC’s provincial chairperson at the conference.

When confronted by ANC members who wanted the Facebook post deleted, Moloi instead posted another provocative post, this time saying “Heheh. Thina we know our sins … we refused to be summoned to late meetings, we refused to be told what to write on Facebook, who to greet, which party to go to and what should be our views on the regional politics of Peter Mokaba.

But the question is why didn’t they nominate them? Those who were part and parcel of the late night meetings. Those who were planning our downfall with them. Kera lena bo moratwa ba masana!!! Ke politiki ntwe! You kill with a sword, you die with a sword. Kwaa!!”, wrote Moloi in her second post.

Mathabatha’s spokesperson, Kenny Mathivha, said “It must be noted that MECs are not given letters of appointment as they are not employees but (rather) they are deployed. So they cannot send their letters of resignation to Masana Bishops on social media.”

He could not confirm if the premier had received Moloi’s letter of resignation at the time of publication.

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