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WATCH: Brazen thief steals laptop from car in Pretoria

A man brazenly takes the laptop from a car, seconds after the driver had walked away.

Footage from a security camera in a parking lot in Arcadia, Pretoria, shows a man brazenly stealing a laptop from a car, seconds after the driver walked away from his vehicle.

The video appears to show a man opening the back door of the car as the driver gets out. The driver then walks away, thinking he has locked all the doors.

While pretending to rummage through his own car, the thief waits for the right moment before calmly taking the laptop and returning to his car to make a quick getaway.

Another car parking nearby didn’t even seem to deter this bold theft.

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Social media was typically compassionless. One person on Twitter was critical of the driver for not checking that all his doors were locked before walking away.

Another person couldn’t understand why the driver left his laptop on the backseat of his car, where it would be easier for a thief to access it.

An unsympathetic Twitter user even said the driver “paid for his stupidity”.


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