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Sheina Razack
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20 Jun 2019
9:36 am

Benoni school suspends Grade 9 pupil for assault

Sheina Razack

The pupil will be suspended for five days when the third term begins after punching a Grade 8 in the face after a 'misunderstanding'.

The alleged rapist lured the boy to accompany him to go and buy beer at a shebeen in the early hours of Saturday morning. File image: iStock

A case of assault was opened at the Benoni police station on June 12 after a Grade 8 learner was assaulted by a Grade 9 learner the previous day, reports Benoni City Times.

According to HOD of disciplinary at the Benoni school, the Grade 9 learner (*James) will be placed on suspension for five days when the third term begins.

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A video that went viral in the school on June 11 showed the learner wearing casual clothing punching the Grade 8 learner (*Mike).

“My grandson finished his exam and was waiting for me to pick him up from school,” said the grandmother of Mike.

“When I got to school his face was bruised from being punched.”

The grandmother went to the front office to report the incident, where she spoke to the head of department (HOD).

According to Mike, a misunderstanding caused the falling out between the two.

The HOD said he called James in for questioning, but made him wait in another office while he took the statement of the learner who was assaulted.

He then explained after the exam had ended, James went home and changed into his civilian clothes before returning to the school premises where he assaulted Mike.

After taking statements from both learners, the HOD took a further four statements from witnesses.

“We do not condone this behaviour,” he said.

“There is an internal investigation that happens and a process we follow when such incidents happen.”

Steps followed by the school in such an incident are to suspend the learner, hold a disciplinary hearing and provide recommendations.

He further said the disciplinary hearing would take place on July 16 after the learner’s suspension was completed.

“Only the Grade 9 learner was suspended because the Grade 8 learner did not hit back,” he added.

Mike was referred to Netcare Linmed Hospital after his grandmother visited the Benoni Police Station on June 11.

“The hospital gave him pain medication and kept the letter in case something happens to him later,” the grandmother said.

“We have asked that he be transferred because this is not the first time someone in the school hurt him.”

According to the grandmother, someone threw rocks and then a brick at Mike on the last day of the first term.

She added the incident was reported to a teacher, but the HOD said no case was brought to his attention from any of the teachers.

After the parents of Mike spoke to the principal and the HOD on June 12, they opened the case at the police station.

Despite Mike’s family wanting a transfer for their 13-year-old, the HOD said the school would continue with the investigation to prevent incidents like this from happening again.

The school in question has not been named.

*Not their real names.

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