Eric Naki
Political Editor
6 minute read
31 Dec 2019
5:07 pm

Help us against attacks, ambulance crews plead with govt

Eric Naki

Not one of the provincial health MECs, or even the health minister, has a plan to deal with increasing attacks on EMS personnel, the union Saepu says.

The Gauteng health department earlier in 2019 bought 20 ambulances to be used solely for transporting pregnant women to hospitals in a bid to lower the number of labour deaths. But paramedics say they fear for their lives amid increasing attacks on them while on duty. Picture: Gallo Images

They risk their own lives to respond to desperate calls for help to save lives. But now, the lives of Emergency Management Services (EMS) personnel are increasingly in danger from thugs who attack them while on duty. Some say their jobs seemed unappreciated, despite the sacrifices they make to work day and night to save lives. Save for the Eastern Cape, which kept some statistics, no records of attacks against EMS staff are kept by provinces. With no help from authorities, the paramedics are fighting back by withdrawing their help. Their leaders have urged the government to establish a department...