Sipho Mabena
Premium Journalist
2 minute read
22 Dec 2020
5:00 am

MAC’s Ters loot clawback starts to bear fruit

Sipho Mabena

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Multi-Agency Centre has recouped R3.7 billion in a crackdown on the brazen thieves who ‘unforgivably betrayed millions of South Africans’ when they looted Covid-19 emergency funds.

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The Multi-Agency Centre (MAC), established in August by President Cyril Ramaphosa to clamp down on Covid-19 Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Temporary Employer Relief Scheme (Ters) funds theft, has recouped about R3.7 billion. The better part of the Covid-19 news cycle has been dominated by unashamed and brazen theft of Covid-19 emergency funds and personal protective equipment-related (PPE) corruption, which Ramaphosa lamented as “an unforgivable betrayal to millions of South Africans”. Corruption Watch warned as early as March of the vulnerabilities in the emergency procurement measures, noting that the R500 billion stimulus package presented a fine opportunity for greedy officials to...