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19 Dec 2021
3:09 pm

WATCH: Table Mountain National Park officials nab abalone poachers

Citizen Reporter

Special ops rangers in a helicopter managed to nab the abalone poachers.

Sea, air and mountain special operations with the three abalone poachers. Photo: Twitter/@TableMountainNP/screenshot

Three abalone poachers were arrested in the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) on Sunday morning, after consistent patrols to curb this escalating crime. 

TMNP manager Frans van Rooyen said in a statement that sea, air and mountain (Seam) special operations rangers worked together, and with the help of the airbus H125 rotary-winged aircraft, managed to pounce on three poachers. 

The men were arrested, linked to the illegal harvesting of abalone, and had their diving gear confiscated. 

WATCH: Table Mountain National Park officials nab abalone poachers
The poachers with their gear. Photo: Twitter/@TableMountainNP/screenshot

All confiscated gear was taken to police, and a case of poaching was opened at the Simon’s Town police station. 

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“Thank you to the Seam team rangers, K9 unit and the SANParks pilots for a spectacular job, well done,” van Rooyen said. 

WATCH: Table Mountain National Park officials nab abalone poachers
TMNP K9 unit members arrest one of the abalone poachers. Photo: Twitter/@TableMountainNP/screenshot

The latest arrest showed the power of visible policing operations, especially regard abalone poaching, which is notoriously difficult to monitor. 

Despite abalone busts being made almost daily by police and patrolling TMNP teams, and significant collaborative efforts, the demand for abalone is challenging to keep up with. 

From south east Asia to France, abalone numbers have been declining steadily since the 19th century. 

Humans beings, through unsustainable abalone fishing practices, are coming dangerously close to being solely responsible for the species’ demise. 

Watch the footage of Sunday’s dramatic arrest below.

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Compiled by Nica Richards