Narissa Subramoney
Copy rewriter
1 minute read
22 Jul 2022
12:34 pm

WATCH: Klerksdorp man fends off robbers with knife and Amaberete stomp another into ground

Narissa Subramoney

The video of an elderly looking man defending himself, car and family from robbers, with a knife, went viral this week.

Video screengrab - man fights off attackers.

Police in Klerksdorp have expressed disappointment that an elderly man, who was filmed bravely fighting off would-be robbers with a knife, has refused to open a criminal case.

“At this stage, no case has been opened as the victim refuses to open a case. Sadly, this is the second incident wherein the complainant refuses to open a case,” said police on Facebook.

“In a similar incident that occurred in May, the complainant also refused to open a case even though the suspects, who allegedly robbed him, were identified.”

The South African Police Service is encouraging crime victims to open cases at their nearest police station.

In the now-viral video, five men can be seen attempting to either rob the victim or hijack his white SUV vehicle in the Klerksdorp Central Business District (CBD).

The elderly-looking man, armed with what appeared to be a knife, courageously fought back until the men gave up.

In a separate incident, also in Klerksdorp, a Toyota Quantum filled with members of the South African Police Service Tactical Response Team (TRT) are seen intervening in what appears to be a robbery in progress.

A suspect is seen grabbing a shopping bag from a man in the middle of a street crossing in the CBD.

The victim is seen talking with the suspect and appears to be stand-offish, when a fourth man enters the shot and takes the bag in question from the suspect.

Suddenly the Quantum taxi carrying TRT officers appears on the scene, and the suspect is apprehended.

Police officers tackle the suspect to the ground, bringing passing motorists to a halt.

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