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By Faizel Patel

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Furious holiday makers call for ‘Hello Darlings’ CEO’s head after grabbing millions and ghosting clients

Tasneem Moosa has since closed all her social media accounts and cannot be reached by her angry clients.

Hundreds of victims of the ‘Hello Darlings’ travel scam are calling on law enforcement agencies to bring the swindler to book after losing millions of rands.

It is understood that holiday makers are furious after booking and paying for expensive holidays through travel company ‘Hello Darlings’, claiming that the CEO, Tasneem Moosa, disappeared with their money.

Moosa has since closed all her social media accounts and ghosted her angry clients.

Moosa’s clients took to social media, calling for her head, demanding that law enforcement track her down.

Hundreds of criminal cases to be opened

Dr M.Faraaz Akoo an admin on the “Hello Darling – Recovery” Telegram group that has over 3400 members said scores of criminal cases have been opened with police for theft and fraud and others are in the process of doing so.”

“We are coordinating and assessing all the loses. At this stage, it seems approximately 400 people we are aware of are affected. Some also invested money in Moosa’s company ‘Hello Darlings’.

Another victim, Shazia Mohamed said people are devastated.

“Their dream holidays have not materialized. Others were scheduled to travel in the coming days and weeks.”

Hawa Ismail said they approached anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee to assist and escalate the case to the authorities.

“Some families have lost hundreds of thousands of rands.”

Abramjee said it was clear that large numbers of people have been scammed by Moosa.

“I urge all victims to open charges of theft and fraud with the SAPS. Once this has been done, we will ask the Hawks to take over the probe. Moosa must be held accountable and face justice.”  

Abramjee, who is also an Interpol #TurnBackCrime Ambassador urged the victims to follow all the legal processes and allow the law to take its course.

“People can run but they cannot hide. If Moosa and her accomplices have fled the country, law enforcement will track them down and bring them to book.”

Abramjee also issued the following safety tips:

  • Check if your travel agent is part of a travel regulatory body.
  • Review their reviews and do your homework.
  • Authenticate their business and research the company fully.
  • Request to meet at their offices to make payment.
  • If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don’t pay for your holiday by EFT.
  • Look out for dodgy marketing materials such as fuzzy logos and low-resolution images
  • Are they making excuses?
  • Check with the hotel/resort to confirm if any  payment was made.
  • Never make a payment without an invoice or into a different account name than that of the company.

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