Three boys arrested after another tells of harrowing rape ordeals

A young boy has come forward after being raped by three boys in the boys' bathroom at school for months.

A family is ready to heal after it was recently revealed that their 17-year-old male family member has been raped regularly by three other learners from his school since November.

Teen targeted when he first started school in Krugersdorp

*Thabiso spoke exclusively to the Krugersdorp News and explained that he had issues with bullies when he first started at a school in Krugersdorp. His grandmother, who has been his guardian since his mother passed away, said she went to the school which said they will keep an eye on the situation.

She told Krugersdorp News she noticed something was different with Thabiso, but everything came to a head recently when the family noticed that he was stealing.

“We would send him to buy meat and then he would steal the meat and keep the money,” his grandmother said. When his uncle confronted him he told them he owed some people money.

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Teen resorted to stealing money to pay his rapist to stop

Eventually, he told his family he had to pay his rapists if he wanted them to stop.

Thabiso’s uncle explained that they packed him very nice lunches for school every day but last year three boys, who are all 18 years old, started taking his lunch. After a week of having to give away his lunchbox, he decided to not take lunch to school anymore.

This allegedly escalated the situation and Thabiso told the Krugersdorp News that is when the three boys started beating him.

The boys would beat him in the corridors and tell the teachers they were just playing.

Then one day after the break while on his way to class, the boys pulled him into the boys’ bathroom. There two of them then took turns raping him.

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If he didn’t pay the boys, they would rape him

This became a regular occurrence and he said if he did not bring R50 or a lunchbox to school he would be punished by being raped.

His grandmother said she noticed his clothes were torn and blood-stained but would always have excuses for it. He also made excuses to not go to school and would say that Thursdays and Fridays are athletics days and there is no school on those days. His family became suspicious but he always had an excuse.

He said he wanted to tell his family but he was threatened with a knife the first time when he tried to fight back. After that, he was allegedly told that they would kill him if he told anyone.

My heart felt small, I could not tell anyone,” he said.

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Family: How did the teachers miss this?

The last time he was allegedly raped was on 24 February, and he said he tried to tell the deputy principal who said he was too busy to talk at that time. He had a few days that he could stay at home since it was sporting days at school, but had to return soon after.

His family wants to know how none of the teachers noticed the difference in his attitude, how they did not pick up his being absent so often, or why the bathrooms were not locked like they were allegedly supposed to be after break time.

According to reports in the Krugersdorp News’ possession, Thabiso was written up for coming late after break many times. Thabiso said that he knows of other children who are bullied by the three boys and hopes that coming forward means that this will not be happening to any other children in this school.

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Suspects arrested

The case has been reported to the police and the publication has since reached out to the school and the Department of Education for feedback.

All three boys aged 17, 18, and 19 have since been arrested and Thabiso will be receiving counselling.

Krugersdorp Police spokesperson Captain Raymond Sebonyane added, “The suspects will appear in the Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court soon.”

Krugersdorp Police Station commander Brigadier Xaba applauded Sergeant Mamokopi Gadebe, who managed to arrest all three suspects, for a job well done. He further encouraged all boys and men to report any crime against them immediately to the police as they also have constitutional rights.

*Thabiso is a pseudonym.

This article originally appeared on Krugersdorp News and was republished with permission.
Read the original article here.

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