DA assault docket against ANC supporters goes ‘missing’ at Pretoria police station

A police docket detailing an alleged recent assault on a DA member in Hammanskraal has mysteriously disappeared, which the DA says is evidence of corruption.

The assault docket opened by the DA on behalf of a member who was allegedly assaulted in Hammanskraal has allegedly gone missing, reports Pretoria North Rekord.

This emerged on Friday morning after the DA members went to Moretele Magistrate’s Court for a picket.

Alleged assault victim and DA ward 8 youth chairperson Bongane Sethole said party members had gone to the court for a picket to demand answers on the progress made with regard to the case the DA opened more than a week ago.

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The DA opened the case after Sethole was allegedly assaulted by a group of about 15 ANC supporters at his home.

The party said in a statement that Sethole was assaulted for accusing ward councillor Andries Dinale of “selling stands”.

On Friday, several DA members turned up at the court in support of Sethole, to find out why the case had not been heard, and why no one had been arrested.

“We were told certain information was missing and the docket was incomplete, and that no arrest was made through evidence and information supplied when the case was opened,” Sethole said.

“What we were told is evidence of corruption and serves as proof that the criminal justice system fails the people of South Africa and creates an environment in which crime is flourishing.”

He said the disappearance of the docket brought great shame to Hammanskraal police.

“There are victims sitting at home, believing the police are searching day and night for their rapist, or their attacker, or the people who had stolen their vehicles. These dockets could be in relation to murders and yet the victims can believe as much as they want, but the dockets have disappeared.”

He said a total of 15  ANC members were implicated in the assault.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Margareth Molane confirmed to Pretoria North Rekord last week that the DA had opened a case of assault.

However, when contacted for comment on Friday, she said she was not aware that the docket had gone missing and that she would investigate.

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