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WATCH: ‘Dr Matthew Lani’ tried to escape arrest by jumping out of bathroom window

The social media influencer was nabbed by security personnel at the hospital.

The controversial bogus medical doctor “Dr Matthew Lani” tried to evade being caught by jumping through a bathroom window at the Helen Joseph Hospital, in Johannesburg, on Sunday.

According to the Gauteng health department, the social media influencer was nabbed by security personnel at the hospital after he attempted to enter the facility.

“Lani was caught just before 8pm disguised in a hoodie and wearing a surgical mask with a stethoscope around his neck,” the department said.

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It claimed he had previously entered the hospital to “curate misleading content under the pretense he was a qualified doctor”.

Once nabbed, Lani reportedly asked to use the bathroom, where he tried to jump out of a window.

“When security realised he was making a run for it, they called for reinforcement and he was apprehended again.”

Police were called and Lani was formally arrested.

A video allegedly showing Lani being confronted about his claims was shared online. In it, Lani is defending his credentials and apologised to hospital staff.


we got u broody fake Dr-smart Mathew lol good work Pothlako Security at helen Joseph hospita.

♬ original sound – user4395181720707

The Dr that never was

Lani was a popular personality on social media sites such as TikTok , where he dispensed medical advice and recommendations. Among other topics, he shared “expert” knowledge on HIV prevention and management.

But his credentials were called into question earlier this month amid claims he was impersonating Dr Sanele Zingelwa, which he claimed was his “legal name” registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

He defended himself in a series of posts, explaining he had graduated from Wits University at 21 and was registered with the health council.

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Both Wits University and the HPCSA said they had no record of the doctor on their registries. Gauteng department of education later confirmed Lani never completed matric.

A case of impersonating a medical doctor was then opened by the Gauteng health department against Lani at the Brixton Police Station. A second case was opened by Zingelwa.

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