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By Devina Haripersad

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Extra study material and a whole library Now available on a bank app

FNB is upping its game with an Extramarks subscription and access to the BiB library.

FNB is accelerating its efforts to help customers with financial and lifestyle solutions to improve their lives. The bank recently announced that it has launched a range of solutions on the FNB App with new eBucks and FNB Connect partners.

FNB has expanded its education and self-development offering with partners such as Extramarks, which offers digital learning solutions up to matric, and BiB, which provides a curated audio library of children’s books in various African languages as well as a free audio/graphic series dedicated to 100 fearless, influential, and successful South African women.

According to a statement by the bank, access to and the cost of education remains a challenge for families across the country. There is also still a crisis out there with the teacher-to-student ratio.  As a result, FNB announced that it was providing its customers with a complimentary subscription for interactive learning support from Grade R to 12 valued at over R2 000. The bank said that customers are now able to activate this service under eBucks on the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps.

What is Extramarks?

Extramarks Education is an education technology company, that provides online and offline schooling and curricula. It was founded in 2007, and headquartered in Noida, India. As of March 2018, Extramarks has tied up with 10 000 government and private schools.

The app leverages the method of Learn-Practice-Test, which allows parents and teachers to track and evaluate the student’s performance. The multimedia content modules are customised for different segments using a game-based, thematic learning approach for junior learners and a hierarchical, layered, and adaptive approach for senior learners. Learners can also benefit from live classes and recorded lectures, practice score boosters, high weightage questions, unlimited doubt solving live sessions, creating custom tests and many more exciting features for a holistic learning experience.

The BiB Library

BiB is an audio library that celebrates and showcases African stories by African voices. The bank’s customers can now use the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps to subscribe to an audio library for around R160 per month. The offer also includes an exchange of 1-4 titles, and users can download their favourite content. Payment can be in rand or eBucks, with an average book price of R250 and even less for children’s books. Additionally, customers get free access to an audio graphic series of literary sketches by renowned author, James-Brent Styan, paying tribute to 100 fearless South African women on their journey to success. The service is available under the eBucks tab on the FNB and RMB Private Bank apps, and the bank has assured that the first 30 000 subscribers will receive one free title.

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