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Ramaphosa and political parties applaud matric class of 2021

At least 256 000 pupils are eligible for university entrance, with a national pass rate of 76.4%.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has commended the matric class of 2021 on the success achieved by this cohort of learners, educators and parents.

At least 256 000 pupils are eligible for university entrance, with a national pass rate of 76.4%.

“We applaud the multiple successes and improvements recorded by learners during the second year of challenges presented by Covid-19.

“Equally commendable is the support given to learners by educators and parents who made sacrifices of their own and placed the interests of learners ahead of their own concerns,” said Ramaphosa in a statement.

The President said today is cause for celebration for the matric class of 2021.

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But, for those who did not pass, the country’s Second Chance programme offers pupils the opportunity to redo their final year.

“This is a moment for celebration for learners who have passed and a moment for other learners to return to their desks and make another effort to advance their education and improve their quality of life into the future.

“Our Second Chance programme is another route to success,” said Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa has called on pupils to celebrate responsibly and safely within the Covid-19 health protocols.

Political parties congratulate matric class of 2021

‘They preserved in spite of the Education Department’s ineptitude’

The IFP noted the national pass rate improvement, saying 2021 produced the largest cohort of National Senior Certificates candidates to date, achieved a national pass rate of 76.4%.

“The IFP would like to congratulate the matric class of 2021 on this achievement, despite the unforeseen hardships brought about by the devastating Covid-19 pandemic,” the party said in a statement.

“Despite the positive examination results, mention must be made of the isolated incidents of cheating uncovered in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng by Umalusi, which are still under investigation.” 

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FF Plus MP and chief spokesperson on basic education Dr Wynand Boshoff matric results have stabilised after last year’s downward trend.

“There has been a slight improvement, from 76.4% to 76.6%, which demonstrates the numerous teachers, parents and learners’ determination not to accept defeat,” said Boshoff.

While independent examination boards (IEB en Sacai) were able to maintain or even improve their level of performance during the lockdown, a large part of the public educational sector, unfortunately, still seems to be stuck in quicksand, he lamented.

“Out of the entire class of 2021, 36.4% achieved a bachelor’s pass, 25.3% achieved a diploma pass, and 14.8% achieved a higher certificate pass,” said Boshoff.

Civil rights groups AfriForum echoed Boshoff’s sentiments, congratulating all matriculants who successfully completed their school careers in 2021.

“Thanks to the teaching staff who made this possible, despite extremely challenging circumstances.

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“It is to be expected that the Covid-19 pandemic would have had an impact on the pass rate, but apart from that, AfriForum is of the opinion that the Department of Basic Education is still letting the youth of South Africa down,” said the organisation’s head of cultural affairs Alana Bailey.

Baily says about a third or more of pupils disappear from the system before they pass matric.

“Due to the department’s poor handling of the pandemic, concerns were already expressed in this regard in 2021 about the approximately 200 000 learners who did not return to school last year,” said Bailey.

The DA and EFF are yet to comment on the matric class of 2021’s achievement, although the DA did congratulate IEB pupils for their sterling academic performance.

Compiled by Narissa Subramoney

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