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By Itumeleng Mafisa

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ANC: DA coalition protests ‘misplaced’

ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula said protesters outside its NEC meeting were marching "out of misinformation".

As protesters picket outside the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting on Thursday, the party says a coalition between the ANC and DA has not been formed.

A group claiming to be ANC members said they were against the party working with the DA. They claimed the opposition did not prioritise the interests of the majority of South Africans, and their policies were not aligned.

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“We are here not because we are protesting against the ANC or NEC, but because of the promotion of an ANC-DA coalition.

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“They suggest the only option is the DA and we must consider the markets and the Rand. The Rand did not campaign with us. We cannot consider it more than the campaigners,” protester Esethu Hasane told The Citizen.

Hasane said the DA has rejected and “opposed the ANC on all of its progressive policies”.

Protesting ‘out of misinformation’

Mbalula said protesters were marching “out of misinformation”.

“The ANC has never said it is going to enter into a coalition with the DA. The question of the strategic framework for coalitions will look at the outcomes of the elections, which does not favour the ANC. In this instance, we have outlined that we are talking to everyone,” said Mbalula.

Mbalula said the party was following the guidance of President Cyril Ramaphosa in working with other parties.

“We are talking to other parties, even smaller parties. We will prioritise the people, we don’t want instability, we want a stable government.”

ANC NEC: A time for sober minds

He added the protests were unfortunate and misplaced.

“This is a time for sober minds. We are not locking ourselves into one option, we are looking at many options.

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“There has not been any position. Our position will come from this NEC meeting,” said Mbalula.

A second Codesa

Mbalula said the negotiations, following ANC’s defeat at the polls, were like that of the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (Codesa) to form a democratic South Africa.

“This can be compared to Codesa 2. You have to talk to people that you don’t agree with and map out a solution for the country because the people have put us here,” said Mbalula.

He said the ANC’s role will be decided by NEC members in Thursday’s meeting.

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“Based on the framework we will present today, the NEC will deliberate and take a decision. It will give a further mandate to the team that is dealing with coalitions.

“When we are done, later today [Thursday],the closing address of the president will be open to the media. There you will hear what has been decided,” Mbalula said.

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