Watch: Sangomas say spirits predict bad day at polls for ANC, success for DA, IFP

Mhlongo, says the spirits tell him that ANC supporters so angry with the ANC, it's likely to translate into good news for the DA and IFP.

Johannesburg will be painted blue and white as the ruling party has angered supporters, which will cost the African National Congress (ANC) some losses in Monday’s local government elections.

These are some of the predictions which emanated from a reading by two sangomas who gave The Citizen a glimpse into the future of the coming polls.

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Traditional healer, Siya Mhlongo, 30 and Makhosi Ndlovu performed a ritual reading for The Citizen to give us a prediction on the local government elections. Mhlongo, says the spirits tell him that the ANC supporters are angry at the party. So angry in fact that they may not go out on the day to vote.

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Mhlongo and Ndlovu invited us to their consulting room at Kwa Mai-Mai Traditional Market in Jeppestown, Johannesburg, hidden in a labyrinth of tiny shacks which are accessed through a hidden crevice near the entrance of the market.

“This is the real Mai-Mai they don’t get to see,” the sangoma quipped.

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In a single room shack, lit with a single candle we bought on the way, Ndlovu lead a seance-like prayer and sprinkled medicated tobacco over a dancing flame.

“The people are angry with the ANC,’ Mhlongo said as though it had just been revealed to him.”

The ANC will not win the Johannesburg or the Tshwane Metro, he added. KwaZulu-Natal is also ripe for chance as change in the Ethekwini municipality is foreseen. The sangoma saw the Inkatha Freedom Party winning more support than in recent polls.

Ndlovu said the spirits showed her a lot of blue and white imagery, indicating that the Democratic Alliance would win in Johannesburg, and will be taking away a lot of support from the ANC in municipalities across the country.

Mhlongo says he was shown a some of the roots of the ANC’s problems which include a ‘generational curse’ which has afflicted leaders of the party in the last few decades. He predicts that where the ANC wins, there will be war, which he describes quite literally as a war with bloodshed.

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“There are many secrets that have been kept, which date back from previous presidents, so in order for us to begin resolving this, there needs to be a cutting of the cord. The head needs to be severed so that things can go well. Then there will be a war after which things will go well.”

Other predictions were even more surprising, but worth a mention.

It was apparently revealed to Mhlongo, for instance, that ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa will be seen to be ‘spineless’ and controlled by international figures.

Slipping from sangoma into political analyst/conspiracy theorist mode, he said black South Africans think they are free but their freedom is limited by people who control them through politicians they elected.


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