We know where our bread is buttered – Goedplass residents

ANCYL leaders treat Goedplass residents to food, speeches, and promises ahead of elections.

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) in Limpopo has used a cow, mouthwatering food and drinks, groceries, and good speeches to woo voters in Goedplass, outside Mayor Dagma Mamanyoga’s Greater Letaba municipality’s village, to vote for the ANC at the May 29 provincial and national general elections.

Dressed in his beautiful green suits, Limpopo ANC youth league provincial chair, Tony Rachoene, said the future looks bright for everyone in the ANC. 

Future bright for everyone in ANC

The outspoken, roaring young lionsleader said the ANC was a huge church that could accommodate everyone and everything before and after elections. 

The 34-year-old leader was speaking during the famous Magoshi Friday event held in the village, attended by both local, regional, provincial, and national leaders of the youth league. 

He said the ANC was the only party in the country and beyond to provide freebies to the less fortunate, the less disadvantaged, the disillusioned, and the hopeless people of this country. 

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RDP houses and free healthcare, education, food parcels and houses

He said the party has successfully provided RDP houses, free healthcare, free education, free food parcels, and free houses to meet their needs. 

He added that since the advent of freedom, pupils in schools had free education up to tertiary, free nutrition, and that water was reticulated to thirsty communities for free. 

“We are a community in progress. We are taking care of our headmen, chiefs, queens, and the kings of this province. We built offices and provided furniture for our traditional leaders for free. We provide access to roads and bridges and mobility (cars) to our traditional leaders without segregation or favouritism in an endeavour to speed up the rate of service delivery. There is electricity in many of our houses, which proves that the ANC is serious about its slogan of a better life for all,” said Rachoene to a round of applause from the virtually jubilated residents. 

Vote correctly

Rachoene pleaded with the community to vote correctly at the upcoming May polls. He said the ANC was the only hope for all South Africans and that the future lies in their hands if they vote correctly at the polls.  

The outspoken leader handed over a cow, soft drinks, breakfast, and mouthwatering lunch groceries to the elated Kgoshi Malekutu Bennedict Pheega of the Balodzwi Clan in the Greater Letaba municipality, outside Modjadjiskloof Town, in the ANC’s Norman Mashaba region of Limpopo.

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) in Limpopo has used a cow, mouthwatering food and drinks, groceries, and good speeches to woo voters in Goedplass. Picture: Facebook

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In response, Kgoshi (Chief) Pheega said he had joined the ANC in 1976 and that the party was with him at home. He said it goes without saying that his vote was with the ANC—come the May general elections. 

“We have had so many mushrooming opposition parties after the birth of the ANC in 1912. Some of our people had been shaken by this mushrooming. But my house and I shall serve the ANC, and the same goes for my community. We are going to vote for the ANC at the elections,” he said. 

Pheega also praised the ANC youth league and its leadership, which he branded as sterling, visionary, and progressive.

Milk and honey

He said that, under the tutelage of Rachoene, the ANC in Limpopo had a bright future. He added that the future of the ANC youth league was filled with milk and honey. 

After the long speeches, Rachoene led his Greater Letaba ANC branches on a door-to-door campaign.

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The process was a walk in the park for him, as many, if not all, of the villagers said they knew where their bread was buttered.