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Idols twins detail their experiences with Timothy Omotoso

The girls lived in one of the pastor's homes for a year and bore witness to his harassment of young women.

Former Idols South Africa contestants Anele and Neliswa Mxakaza have detailed their experiences with pastor Timothy Omotoso after having previously lived in one of his homes for a year.

Speaking to SABC News during an episode of Special Assignment filmed earlier this year, the girls spoke about how he used to request intimate massages from them and Neliswa detailed how he “got on top of her and did his business” before praying for forgiveness after he was finished.

The emotional clip has made its way to social media in light of the ongoing trial against Omotoso.


The Star reports that the sisters said the women who accused Omotoso of raping them are their “blood sisters” and they were made to turn their back on them and support the televangelist when the allegations against him first came to light.

Shortly after the allegations were first made, the twins were still living in Omotoso’s home and came out as his strongest supporters after being coerced by his recruiters, who were also elders from Omotoso’s Jesus Dominion International church. 

The twins claim the elders played a part in making us run away from our homes to stay in Omotoso’s house.”

omotoso recruiters

Alleged recruiters who lured girls into Timothy Omotoso’s church and held them hostage | Image: YouTube

An Eastern Cape-based gender activist named Pamela Mabini also spoke to Special Assignment and alleged that people close to the pastor approached her and offered her millions to approach the girls who came forward in an effort to sway their testimony in the pastor’s favour.

The girls told The Star that they were not surprised by the contents of Cheryl Zondi’s testimony.

“The rape allegations were not new to us. The girls would talk immediately after it happened in the house. When one (of the girls) was called to the upper room we knew what was going to happen to them. We were made to keep quiet and never say anything. We ran away…because we knew what was happening. Even when we had left the church we were still not free to talk. We were afraid that something bad will happen to us or our families,” said the twins.

They have since returned to their mother’s home and would like to spread the word of God through their music.

Watch the full episode here:

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