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Former ‘Idols’ winner Paxton dreams of collaborating with DJ Black Coffee

'The Citizen' sat down with former 'Idols SA' winner Paxton to find out where she is at in her life and music career.

From the high success of winning Idols South Africa season 13 at the age of 17, Paxton Fieles has come a long way.

The star is all grown up, turning 22 this year, and her music has transitioned to the young woman she is becoming. 

The Citizen recently caught up with the artist who is based in Cape Town. 

Paxton has admitted that her life has drastically changed since winning Idols in 2017.

Life after Idols

From performing for a TV audience of millions of people, the season 13 winner, after mass attention, at the age of 18 released a number of number-one hits such as Angfuni and Battleground in 2018. 

Paxton is grateful for the opportunities brought by the singing competition as it opened many doors for her. She praised the Idols team for being very accommodating in the early stages of her career. 

“They helped me pave the way as an individual, they really assisted and guided me. I can’t say anything bad,” she said.  

As Idols SA is coming to end after 19 seasons, Paxton said it’s “bittersweet”.

“It’s better to go off on a high and I am excited to see how the season plays out.”

Discovering her sound

Fresh in the game Paxon says she wanted to be versatile in her music as she listens to many genres. 

The artist adds that she wanted to make music that felt good to her and this would transcend to the public. 

Paxton former 'Idols SA' winner new single, 'Touch and Go'
Paxton former ‘Idols SA’ winner releasing a new single, ‘Touch and Go’. Picture: Supplied

“I hate being boxed, that is why I like tackling a different category.” 

Paxton’s music can be described as female empowerment, knowing what you want in a relationship and the singer laughs at how this came about. 

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As she was so young, the music was written for her but songs such as The Way were written from personal experiences. 

“I’ve always wanted to write music for the girls, music to get ready to, songs they could relate to and move them and could impact them. I am big on female empowerment.”

New Music

Having not released new music in a few years, Paxton is releasing a new single Touch and Go this Friday (3 March) and she said the song was spontaneous and in the moment. 

Explaining the single, she said: “It’s actually inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about how complex and complicated dating can be when you are a young professional and paving your own way”.

Paxton is also set for EP but it’s in the works; “this is definitely a new era for me”, and she is excited to blossom into who she wants to be and where she is as a person. 

She does believe that fans and the wider audience are ready to see the young woman she has become. 

Paxton’s dream collaboration is with international DJ Black Coffee and she described the Grammy winner as a “visionary artist who paved his own way”.

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