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IN PICTURES: Westbury community fights back against gang violence

The protest was sparked by the shooting death of a young mother in Steytler street, Newclare. Residents have barricaded roads in the area, calling for the SANDF to intervene.

Residents in Westbury and Newclare have barricaded roads following the death of a mother. The mother and her child were on their way home from Coronationville when they were caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting. The 45-year-old woman died on the scene and her child was rushed to the hospital.

This morning, the Saturation Unit of the JMPD cordoned off the main access to Commando and Price roads, diverting traffic away from the area to prevent commuter injuries.

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Residents have taken to the streets, and are calling for army protection. Image: Tracy Lee Stark

Image: Tracy Lee Stark

Residents of all ages joined the Friday demonstrations. Image: Tracy Lee Stark

Westbury streets are littered with boxes, plastic, rocks and tyres. Image: Tracy Lee Stark

Despite protest action, commuters were determined to get to work. Image: Tracy Lee Stark

Image: Tracy Lee Stark

Image: Tracy Lee Stark

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