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Karabo Mokoena’s mom: I said to her, ‘Sandile is going to kill you’

Her mother says she tried several times to convince Karabo to leave Mantsoe, who had been physically abusing her.

Karabo Mokoena’s mother, Lolo, has spoken out for the first time after the tragic death of her daughter. In an interview with eNCA’s CheckPoint, Lolo said that when Karabo’s boyfriend, Sandile Matsoe, beat her up for the first time, she wanted to confront him about it.

She said Karabo came home with a swollen forehead.

“Karabo said to me: ‘No, Mama, this guy is crazy.’

“‘Just leave him, it’s okay,'” she said.

Even though the 22-year-old woman returned bruised and swollen, Lolo said she would always say, “It is well, Mom.”

“I just want to ask him what gave him the right to do this to you,” she would tell Karabo.

In another episode of abuse, Lolo said she was at work when she received a phone call that her daughter had been admitted to Morningside Hospital.

She said she cried, and asked Karabo why she was still in a relationship with Mantsoe. When she went to visit her, Karabo told her Mantsoe had dropped her off at the hospital and left her with a card. At the time, he also bought a new phone to replace the one he had broken.

This when Lolo again urged her daughter to leave her boyfriend, warning that he would one day kill her.

“I told her and said: ‘Karabo, Sandile is going to kill you, you can’t go on like this. This is not a toxic relationship; I don’t know what to call this.'”

Lolo said she then urged Karabo to press charges against Mantsoe, which she did, after hesitating, saying Mantsoe was just “evil”.

A few weeks later, Karabo was reported missing and this was when Lolo finally asked Manstoe what he had done to her daughter.

“I approached him and said: ‘Sandile, what did you do to Karabo?’ And he greeted me and said: ‘Mamzo,’ and I said: ‘Why are you still saying Mamzo? Where’s my daughter? Did you kill Karabo?’

“I asked him and he said: ‘No, I didn’t kill Karabo.'”

Mantsoe will appear in court again on Wednesday for his bail application.

Watch the video below from eNCA:

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