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WATCH: Minister Shabangu says Karabo Mokoena was ‘weak’

Though she may have appeared to be strong on the outside, Karabo was 'weak', hence she became a victim of abuse, claims the minister.

ANC NEC member and Minister of Women in the Presidency Susan Shabangu has been highly criticised over comments she made about Karabo Mokoena.

Speaking to eNCA at after Mokoena’s funeral, she said: “While Karabo came across as very strong, internally she was weak; hence she became a victim of women abuse and she tried to deal with her situation in sharing with other abused women; she ended up being a victim of abuse.”

Twitter is not impressed with the minister for “blaming” the victim for the abuse she suffered at the hands of her boyfriend.

Watch the video below:

These were some of the comments on Twitter:

“Susan Shabangu is inconsiderate and insensitive…she has no feelings whatsoever, calling Karabo weak…it was never necessary.”

“Women are in deep trouble and we know why. Thanks for nothing, Susan Shabangu!”

“Susan Shabangu says Karabo was weak and that’s why she was abused. The person appointed as ‘Minister of Women’ Yaaaa neh.”

Some, however, defended her, saying she may have been a victim of the Queen’s language. They say she had meant to say “vulnerable”.

On what she thought should be done to curb the rate of women abuse in the country, Shabangu said: “As government we can have programmes. They’re not going to be successful if they’re isolating the society as a whole. Various women’s organisations, men’s organisations, men for prayer, they need to pray in a way that is proactive, that is action orientated. And that’s the only way we can succeed.”

She was criticised for not coming up with a “proper” plan to curb women abuse in the country.

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