Paula-Ann Smit
2 minute read
11 Apr 2018
2:48 pm

‘They didn’t want to steal, they just wanted to kill us’

Paula-Ann Smit

Two friends walking home were shot at by suspects, who they believe had no interest in robbing them, and suspect that they wanted to kill them.

Wolves players and good friends Devan-Lyell Kruger (23) and Gert Roets (23) in better times. Roets faces possible leg amputation after the two were attacked early on Saturday morning.

Devan-Lyell Kruger (23), the person who was with Gert Roets (23) when he was shot in the early hours of Saturday morning, talked to Kempton Express about the event that may lead to the amputation of his friend’s leg.

“I feel very guilty,” he said. “I saw my friend get shot and I couldn’t do anything to help him.”

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Kruger and Roets were walking home through Van Riebeeck Park Railway Station towards Edleen, Kempton Park, after dropping a friend off at her home, when they heard two people coming towards them from behind. “When we looked back, they started shooting.”

He said that he heard about five shots in total.

He took his phone from his pocket and threw it into a bush to collect later, thinking the men might rob them.

“But they didn’t want to steal anything,” he said. “That I promise you. They just wanted to kill us.”

According to him, the suspects shot two shots towards him and two towards Roets. “The last shot went into Gert’s hip.”

Roets fell into a hole as he ran away from the shooters. The suspects then looked for Kruger, who was hiding in the Swartspruit.

“While I was hiding I saw them on the bridge.”

He then ran home to get help from his parents who live nearby. He shouted from outside: “They shot at us. Gert has been shot.”

He said his parents were shocked. He told Kempton Express that his brother heard their dad saying, ‘someone has been shot at the train station again” earlier that day.

Little did they know that their own child had been at risk.

“I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone,” Kruger said about the experience. “We weren’t doing anything wrong. We were just walking home.”

Kruger will receive counselling to help him process the event. He thanked his friends and family, who have been very supportive.

André Hartley, president of Kempton Wolwe Rugby Club, spoke to Kempton Express about Roets’ injuries.

“He doesn’t deserve something like this to happen to him. He is a good man and good Christian. He’s always there for his fellow players and an extremely good leader.”

Hartley added that Roets (lock) and his brother Kobus both play for the first team.

“It is very difficult for Kobus. Both brothers are extremely good and humble people.”

The Wolwe’s rugby practice was cancelled on Tuesday evening to hold a prayer gathering for Roets at Barnard Stadium, home of the club.

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