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Felicia Nkhwashu
1 minute read
26 Apr 2018
9:31 am

INFOGRAPHIC: Top tips on how to avoid airbag injuries

Felicia Nkhwashu

The handy infographic provides tips on how to avoid airbag-related injuries.

Photo: Arrive Alive

With the upcoming long weekend, Netcare 911 emergency medical service has provided Rekord Centurion with the below tips on how to prevent airbag injuries.

– Adjust your seat so that there is at least 25cm between the centre of your chest and the centre of the steering wheel.

– Direct the airbag to the chest and not the face by raising the seat or using a cushion (alternatively, you can adjust the steering wheel downward).

– Never place your hands on the steering wheel where airbags deploy, but rather on the outside of the steering wheel.

– Hold the steering wheel at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions.

– Never place a child in the left front passenger side, especially if your vehicle has an airbag.

– Read your car’s manual for specific information about the airbags in your vehicle.

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Infographic: Felicia Nkhwashu

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