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Neo Phashe
1 minute read
8 May 2018
11:48 am

Beware of bogus service providers

Neo Phashe

The Johannesburg West Cluster has warned residents to be alert, as robberies involving bogus service providers are on the increase.

Captain Makgowanyana Maja of Randburg Police Station warns of the increase of bogus service provider robberies. Photo: File

After two cases of robbery in both Randburg and Roodepoort, where suspects pretended to be service providers or police, the Johannesburg West Cluster has urged residents to be on the lookout, Randburg Sun reports.

Captain Makgowanyana Maja of Randburg Police Station said the police were investigating these two cases where suspects allegedly entered the premises then tied up the victims and stole their valuable items.

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“We would like0 to warn our communities not to open their gates or doors for any strangers, nor anyone whom they do not know, or aren’t expecting,” Maja added.

Should you be expecting a service provider, he warned that you need to confirm who they are before letting them on your premises.

He said to make sure that the interaction was being done far away from the gate.

He also said to not go out with your gate remote, as leaving it in your house would give you the space to move away if you suspect anything strange might happen.

Furthermore, that will give you time to seek assistance and to call the police. He also asked that residents verify all their employees’ details.

“Do not leave your premises before the gate closes, as the potential criminals might be hiding near your house and place tape over the sensor eye for the gate to stay open. Once you leave, they enter.”

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