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By Vhahangwele Nemakonde

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ANC recalls Kaunda from mayoral seat, two motions of no confidence later

The party has redeployed Kaunda to the national council of provinces.

The African National Congress (ANC) in KwaZulu-Natal has recalled eThekwini mayor Mxolisi Kaunda from his position.

According to ANC provincial secretary Bheki Mtolo, Kaunda has been redeployed to the national council of provinces.

Kaunda previously served as the MEC for Transport, Community and Liaison until his redeployment to eThekwini Municipality in August 2019.

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“As we usher in a new era following the national and provincial elections, we are identifying key areas that require urgent focus. We strongly believe that Cde Mxolisi Kaunda has an important role to play in the NCOP,” said Mtolo.

“We extend our appreciation to him for his dedication during the most difficult period such as the ravaging floods and many other challenges. Equally, we thank him for serving the people of eThekwini with dedication.”

The party will announce Kaunda’s replacement following consultations with its leaders.

No-confidence motions against Kaunda

Kaunda’s tenure has not been an easy one, as he has survived two motions of no confidence against him.

He survived the first motion in February 2023 after 126 councillors supported him, while 81 were against him.

In January this year, Kaunda survived the second motion against him which was brought by the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP).

The motion failed after 109 councillors voted against it, while 98 voted in favour.

The IFP and DA bemoaned the collapse of eThekwini, which saw some communities going without water for months.

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At the time, ActionSA’s Zwakele Mncwango said Kaunda’s survival could only mean that KwaZulu-Natal was “headed for a disaster”.

Mncwango criticised smaller parties that either abstained or voted against the motion to remove Kaunda.

“The decision made by those who chose to retain the mayor further proves that the ANC operates within other political parties who have sworn to remove the ANC for the betterment of our nation,” said Mncwango.

‘Kaunda’s redeployment not surprising’

On Thursday, ActionSA said it was not surprised by Kaunda’s redeployment.

“This development highlights the dynamics of the DA and ANC coalition agreement, which is dressed up as GNU [Government of National Unity ],” said ActionSA.

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“This decision by the ANC is a mere stunt aimed at nursing the DA’s ego, using Kaunda as a sacrificial lamb to pave the way for a closer relationship between the two parties.”

The party said removing Kaunda would not address the issues in eThekwini.

“The fundamental problem lies with the ANC’s governance, and it is the ANC’s removal that will lead to meaningful change in the municipality.”

ActionSA recently withdrew from the Multi-Party Charter, saying a coalition negotiation with the ANC is against the agreement of the group.

“The Multi-Party Charter agreement has been seriously breached by political parties. ActionSA remains steadfast in its public agreement to be an alternative to the ANC,” it said.


The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomed Kaunda’s removal.

“This is the man who remained in denial about the true state of the city which suffers from debilitating water outages, electricity supply issues, failing infrastructure and non-service delivery,” said the DA.

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“The DA has been consistently calling for the removal of Kaunda and welcomes the action that has been taken by his political party to finally remove him.”

The DA said it was willing to engage with other political parties “that are serious” about stabilising eThekwini.

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