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‘We insist on RDP houses in Orania’ − Malema

The EFF has not joined the GNU and Malema over the weekend confirmed it would not U-turn on that decision unless certain conditions were met.

EFF president Julius Malema has made his Government of National Unity (GNU) requests clear, including the building of low-cost government housing in the controversial Afrikaans enclave of Orania.

The African National Congress (ANC) has been in power for 30 years but lost its majority in the May general elections. It secured just over 40% of the national vote, while the main opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA), got 21.8%.

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To lead the country, the ANC teamed up with the DA and other political parties to form a GNU. The coalition includes at least 10 parties, with others saying they were in the process of joining the political grouping

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The EFF has not joined the GNU. Malema at the weekend confirmed his party would not U-turn on that decision unless certain conditions were met.

“We have made it clear that for us to participate, the DA and Freedom Front Plus (FF+) cannot be involved. We insist on RDP houses in Orania.”

ANC ‘seeking refuge within the DA’

Malema’s comments came as his party slammed the ANC for “actively empowering white supremacy”.

“Now, they have been emboldened further by the ANC itself, which has sought refuge within the DA, actively empowering white supremacy in South Africa, including in their discussions with the FF+ about ‘recognising’ Orania.

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“South Africans who want to eradicate white supremacy, must squash the existence of DA in our political space and, by extension, the ANC that has found sanctuary with white supremacist political parties,” the party said.

‘History will judge you harshly’

EFF leaders stood for the position of speaker of the National Assembly and president earlier this month. President Cyril Ramaphosa defeated Malema by 283 votes to 44.

Addressing Ramaphosa after the results were announced, Malema said history would judge the ANC and DA “harshly”.

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“We contested today because we wanted to demonstrate to South Africa that we do not agree with this marriage of convenience, to consolidate the white monopoly power over the economy and means of production in SA.

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“We refuse to sell out. We did not do so when we were young and we won’t today.

“This is not a GNU, this is a grand coalition of the ANC and white monopoly capital,” said Malema.

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