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By Lunga Simelane


‘SA changing the world for the better’ – ANC

Despite economic struggles, ANC reaffirms commitment to global peace and development.

In its attempts to support development and provide peace efforts, the ANC says it continues to be involved in conflict resolution in Africa and across the globe.

The ANC’s NEC international relations subcommittee yesterday unpacked priority six of its manifesto.

It focused on how it aimed to “build a better Africa and world” by supporting development and peace efforts on the continent and globally by strengthening trade and investment links with other nations and working towards the reform of international bodies.

SA part of changing the world for the better

Committee member and International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor said South Africa was part of the community of nations, which included membership of the United Nations, the African Union (AU), the intergovernmental body comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (Brics) and the Southern African Development Community.

This helped it to play an important role in changing the world for the better.

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She said people should not undermine SA’s ability as it continued to grow and made an important contribution to Africa and the world.

Priority six of election manifesto

Pandor said priority six of the party’s election manifesto gave effect to the ANC’s 2022 55th conference’s decision to actively contribute to building a better Africa and a better world.

SA should also continue to be peace ambassadors.

“We must be peace ambassadors because we’ve seen the benefits of the end of apartheid in our country. We know when there’s conflict, when there’s struggle, you can’t focus on development,” she said.

“So it’s imperative that we help countries on the continent to achieve peace so they too can focus on the right things.”

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Pandor said the ANC’s commitment consisted of active contribution to implementing the AU’s Agenda 2063, strengthening relations in the global south through Brics to transform the world through initiatives and interventions in trade, economic development, peace, security, agriculture, food security and science and technology.

“Since the conference, South Africa’s flag has flown high across the globe in support of a better Africa and a better world. We are committed to progressive internationalism and collaboration for mutual prosperity,” she said.

Questions about ability to be peace ambassadors

But with SA saddled by a struggling economy, housing issues and unemployment, many have questioned its ability to be peace ambassadors.

“I think these are all used by persons who are trying to mislead the population of South Africa.

“Our country continues to function very well in its public institutions,” said Pandor.

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“Of course, there are problems of service delivery as we all know, and these must be addressed and must be attended to. But I don’t think it’s absolutely correct that South Africa has nothing to offer the continent in particular,” she added.

Distracting attempt

However, chief economist at the Efficient Group, Dawie Roodt, said this was a distracting attempt by the ANC.

“They have failed absolutely miserably. In South Africa, they have destroyed just about all the local authorities where they are in charge,” he said.

“They have destroyed just about all the state-owned enterprises. The fiscal accounts are a complete mess, among many other things.

“Unemployment is bad and economic growth is nonexistent. So, clearly, the ANC was a huge disaster for South Africa and this is obviously an attempt to distract people and a political move by the party,” said Roodt.

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