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WATCH: EFF members scuffle with group of white men outside party headquarters in Joburg

A video shared by the The Citizen's journalist showed EFF members tussling with a group, pushing them away from the red berets headquarters

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has justified why EFF members had an altercation with a group of white men outside the party’s headquarters in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

A video shared by the The Citizen’s journalist Lunga Mzangwe showed EFF members tussling with the white men, pushing them away from the building. One of the men was even struck a few times.

Watch the altercation between EFF members and the group:

The individuals apparently wanted to be part of a red berets media briefing.

During the briefing, Malema addressed the altercation.

“Racists want to march into our offices. This is not a playground – it is a revolutionary house. Here it is not a place where we are scared of the white man. Here is the only liberated zone in South Africa. No white man comes taking chances here,” he said.

The altercation comes on the day Malema wrapped up the party’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Malema sparked controversy over the weekend when he chanted “kill the boer, kill the farmer” during a rally as part of the festivities at FNB stadium.

Addressing this during the media briefing, Malema said: “There is no song ‘Kill the boer, kill the farmer’, that is a chant – we overexplained in court. If you have a problem with it, go to the records of the court.”

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Unbroken struggle

Malema added the 10th anniversary was themed as “10 Years Of Unbroken Struggle”.

“The 10th Anniversary of the EFF signifies the commitment the organisation has maintained as a shield of the people, and a weapon in the hands of the poor and the marginalised.”

Malema called on the party’s structures not to let the momentum gained from the 10th anniversary celebrations dwindle.

“Use it to maximise all efforts, towards helping our people and total victory in the 2024 elections. Let us all continue with our responsibilities of rescuing our communities from poverty, lack of service delivery and racial discrimination.”

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