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‘It’s not my song’: Malema hits back at outrage ‘sponsored by Helen Zille’ over ‘Kill the Boer’

'I will sing this song as and when I feel like,' the EFF leader said on Wednesday.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says he will not stop singing the “Kill the Boer” chant amid backlash from political parties and some members of the public.

Malema came under fire for singing the controversial apartheid struggle chant during the EFF’s birthday rally, which was attended by more than 100 000 supporters, at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg over the weekend.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has since filed charges against Malema with the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has also laid charges with the police.

‘It’s not my song’

Speaking during a media briefing on Wednesday, Malema said he was not going to overexplain himself on why he sings the chant as he had already done so in court.

“If you have a problem with it go to the records of the court. I won in court… the court said there’s nothing wrong with singing ‘kill the boer, kill the farmer’,” he said.

He insisted that the court’s decision must be respected and took a swipe at Democratic Alliance (DA) federal chairperson Helen Zille as well as the party’s leader John Steenhuisen.

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“Those who have appealed it, they must go and fight it in court. An independent court has made a declaration on the matter and it’s closed. This is outrage sponsored by Helen Zille. There are some clever blacks who are told to get angry… they wait for a magogo with a wrinkled and botox face [to get angry]. That’s a face of the devil pretending that she is angry.

“I don’t even want to talk about that illiterate John Steenhuisen. If Helen Zille was genuinely opposed to this, why didn’t the DA join the case when I was taken to the Equality Court? Why didn’t Freedom Front Plus join the case? So I’m not going to overexplain myself. I will sing this song as and when I feel like. It’s not my song, it’s a struggle song,” he said.

Watch the briefing below:

‘This is not a playground’

The EFF leader also hit back at Elon Musk, who called out President Cyril Ramaphosa for his silence on Twitter, saying the founder of Tesla looked like “an illiterate”.

“The only thing that protects him is his white skin. If Elon Musk wants to learn about this song, the records are there in court. Let him go read the judgment.”

Malema also spoke of the clashes that took place outside the EFF’s headquarters between party members and a group of white men.

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“Racists want to march into our offices… this is not a playground, it is a revolutionary house. That’s why I told John Steenhuisen he is a small boy… the EFF is not the ANC. Let John try those things he has been doing of marching to the ANC offices… let him try it here and he will know what the EFF is.

“We will teach them. Here it is not a place where we are scared of the white man. Here is the only liberated zone in South Africa. No white man comes taking chances here. Those ones who came earlier must thank their God. This is not a playground… you can argue your politics wherever but don’t come here. We are not going to be undermined,” the EFF leader added.