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‘VBS or not, singena nge vosho in parliament,’ says Malema

The EFF leader says his party has experienced growth despite outside forces that tried to destroy it.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema left his fellow party leaders in stitches after rubbing in his party’s growth to those he accused of doing everything in their power to destroy the party.

He said the “Stratcom” media must have been disappointed after witnessing the growth of his party.

He further told journalists to inform investigative journalist Pauli van Wyk and “Stratcom” media that the EFF had increased its members in parliament to 44.

“We are doing well, you must go and tell Pauli van Wyk VBS or not, we’re cruising nicely – 44 members. Singena nge vosho! We’re going to parliament. The EFF has grown, whether they like it or not. The EFF was never made by the media. The EFF is made by security guards, cleaners, Tiso Blackstar journalists who are not paid well, people who are on the ground,” said the EFF leader.

Malema further attributed the growth of the party to hardworking leaders who were able to mobilise in provinces such as KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and the Free State.

The EFF leader further criticised lazy and incompetent councillors, slamming those who he accused of trying to destroy the EFF, including the media.

“The EFF growth in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga is as a result of hard work. In Mpumalanga we deployed the DP, Commissar Veronica and Mme Reneiloe. That was a solid team. In KwaZulu-Natal we dissolved the structures and we started working from the ground. We hadn’t performed well in the local government elections; we had to dissolve the structures because we realised there was laziness. In all these provinces where we dissolved the structures and rebuilt from the ground up, we experienced growth in the general elections.

“”We surprised ourselves in KwaZulu-Natal after getting more than 300,000 votes,” said Malema.

He slammed “lazy and incompetent EFF councillors” who he said refused to work the ground, while some refused to implement party strategies meant to grow the party. Those, he said would be replaced, after being told of their incompetence, something he said was the strength of the party.

“The organisation must grow and if people are not adding value, we must have an honest conversation. There must be consequence management for non-performance.

“When there is non-performance, we will replace MPs. We are not going to sit with dead wood, useless MPs who do not add value. If someone is not performing well, we tell them. We are honest with each other, which is something the ANC does not have. They are not honest with each other.”

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