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By Kaunda Selisho


We are going to attack Ramaphosa very hard as black people – Mcebo Dlamini

The young activist vows to do whatever it takes to fight against the invisible hand of 'capital'.

Speaking to eNCA’s Thembekile Mrototo, activist Mcebo Dlamini did not mince his words when it came to drawing a line in the sand against “capital”.

With a particular focus on Global Citizen and the billions in donations that were raised, the pair dissected Dlamini’s thought process after he penned a piece dubbing the benefit concert a facade.

Dlamini argued this was because the problems South Africa faced were structural and could not be solved through donations.

“We are saying that South Africans must not be gullible, our people must not be fooled. We are saying we are not a charity case. We are refusing that the black masses of our people must be treated as charity because charity is unsustainable.”

He went on to question how much of a say those who donate towards land expropriation would have in the terms surrounding the expropriation once it came into effect.


“We appreciate any form of assistance from individuals but we must be sceptical about who those individuals are and the motive behind those individuals donating,” added Dlamini.

When asked if his assertion meant he believed the leaders within his own party (the ANC) did not have the backbone to stand up to capital in bringing about the expropriation of land without compensation, Dlamini acquiesced.

“Well, in a nutshell yes…” he hesitated, before adding: “We support every initiative that the current president Cyril Ramaphosa is taking in trying to boost the economy of this country. We support him but politically we have other interests.”

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As he elaborated, he managed to take a stronger stance against what he had ambiguously referred to as “capital”.

“We don’t want to interfere within his role as president and his initiative of boosting the economy but we are going to attack him very hard as black people… We are going to attack him based on principle because we refuse that the president is captured by capital.”

Dlamini went on to qualify his statement by repeating he was fighting against the poverty most South Africans continued to face.

“He’s there, we are going to support him all the way but we are going to attack capital every time it rears its ugly head in that it’s going to take and pull our president to the side of the west while our people are still languishing in abject poverty.”

Watch the full interview below:

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