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Tim Noakes found not guilty of misconduct

Noakes was charged with tweeting unconventional medical advice two years ago.

The chairperson of an independent panel, Advocate Joan Adams, announced in Cape Town on Friday that Tim Noakes was found not guilty of misconduct after he tweeted dietary advice to a breast-feeding mother to wean her baby on a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet.

TimesLive reports that one of the five panel members disagreed with the outcome of the judgment.

Noakes was charged with tweeting unconventional medical advice on breastfeeding two years ago, and the independent committee has now made its finding after a hearing into the complaint, News24 reports.

The complaint was made by Claire Julsing-Strydom, the former president of the Association for Dietetics in South Africa.

It was further reported that two international witnesses also came out in defence of Noakes and Noakes also quoted research which dated back to the 1800s, while his legal team said there were no studies which proved the diet was harmful.

Professor Este Vorster, called as an expert witness, reportedly testified that Twitter should not be used for medical advice.



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